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Rhino Lining

Sprayed on polyurethane tray liners are also available from us. This is the best and in our opinion the ONLY alternative for Ute tray protection. They are extremely practical with the best properties from both rubber and plastic providing a hard wearing non slip surface that is guaranteed to go the distance.

Our liners also provide long-lasting solutions when used in a wide range of commercial, industrial and military applications.

Unlike plastic drop-in Ute tray and truck bed liners or other sprayed-on products, our professionally installed linings are guaranteed not to rip, crack or tear.

Rhino Linings also provides the highest levels of corrosion resistance, not just for utes, horse floats and trucks but also when used on a wide range of other applications - on grille guards, bumpers and rockers, as well as on trailers, tractors, boats and ATVs.