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The TUFF Story

TUFF COATINGS AUSTRALIA is the newest addition to the TUFF brand that started with TUFF BULLBARS AUSTRALIA.

Phil Griffiths purchased Tuff Bullbars and Ute Shop in 2002 - a small bullbar manufacturing business in rented premises, with a small turn-over and a handful of staff. After 6 years of rapid growth the company became TUFF BULLBARS AUSTRALIA, as it is known today. The bullbar industry is very competitive, and there is a lot of cheap, poor quality product available with little customer service, and the TUFF TEAM have worked diligently and consistently to change this. TUFF BULLBARS AUSTRALIA is now widely regarded as the best manufacturer of bullbars in Australia. This was achieved by building high quality product at a competitive price and providing exceptional customer service.

As the TUFF reputation grew, so the quantity of bullbars manufactured has increased. Production reached a point where it became necessary for us to do our own coatings, thus keeping up with the volume of bullbars and ensuring that our high quality expectations were maintained and improved. Researching the local coatings industry revealed a need for the public to have access to our state-of-the-art facilities, improving the viability of the project. Our high quality, rapid turnaround and exceptional customer service would be our competitive advantage. The TUFF brand believes in making a positive difference for our customers, our employees and the whole community. TUFF stands for exceptional customer service, honesty, integrity, quality, innovation, fun, competitive challenge and most importantly, value for money. We deliver a quality product with top class service, always aiming to continually improve our customers' experience through innovation. Our research led us to take advantage of the opportunity to build the TUFF brand by using these principles and provide a great coating service to customers in the Darling Downs region and so TUFF COATINGS AUSTRALIA was born.

The next 12 months were spent building our new premises and installing the latest sandblasting, powdercoating and rhino lining equipment. On the 1st October 2008, TUFF COATINGS started operations - and the company has gone rapidly from strength to strength, even in the current harsh economic climate. We now deal with a group of great customers, and are continually looking to expand our customer base in the quest to be the best in the Darling Downs region.

Once a TUFF company is up and running, several factors contribute to making it a success. The power of the TUFF name, the Griffiths Family's personal reputation and commitment, our network of friends, contacts and partners, the TUFF management style, the way talent is empowered to flourish within the group. Our companies are part of a family rather than a hierarchy. They are empowered to run their own affairs, but still help one another, and solutions to problems come from many sources. In a sense we are a community, with shared ideas, values, interests and goals. Our role is to be a consumer super hero. This is achieved by delivering on our brand values. Many companies espouse a set of brand values, which often become completely meaningless. TUFF believes that the most important thing is the way their values are delivered and brought to life.

Here is how the TUFF Group and in particular, TUFF COATINGS AUSTRALIA deliver the values of our brand:

TUFF is serious about being upright and fair with customers, suppliers and competitors, being honest about pricing, delivery times and the services we offer and actually doing the processes that we say we do.

The TUFF TEAM are friendly, helpful, and professional without being corporate. They are all humans, just like our customers.

The TUFF TEAM adhere to a strong moral and ethical code, both professionally and personally - a company and team with a sound moral character.

High standards, attention to detail, effective quality control systems and over delivering on promises.

Challenging convention with good and new ideas, whether it be different production techniques, systems or quality control improvements, or simple but innovative upgrades to customer service.

All companies take themselves seriously and TUFF are no exception - after all we are serious about the services and products we offer our customers and we are serious about delivering on our promises and values. It is important to have fun whilst doing this, and we like our customers and the TUFF TEAM to enjoy their TUFF experience.

Standing up to the big boys in our industries and having fun, doing it with honesty and integrity - even if others don't fight so fair.

Simple, honest & transparent pricing - not necessarily the cheapest on the market, but definitely the most bang for your buck!!

I am very proud of the principles that TUFF COATINGS AUSTRALIA adhere to, and of everything we have achieved in our short history. I invite you to try the experience yourself and I personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Have a great day!!

Anton Griffiths